Slim Wallets

Our slim wallet is an article adapted to the needs of our day. For many men, and increasingly for more women, it is necessary that their wallet is an element that offers great storage capacity, occupying little space. They look for a thin and a slim article, which offers the possibilities of a traditional leather wallet. Our collection of slim wallets was born with the intention of solving the needs of our customers and also, why not say, our own. Our slim wallet and ultra slim wallet are designed with our own needs in mind as consumers. That is why they offer great usability; an extraordinary quality thanks to our 100% vegetable tanned leather and an incomparable finish carried out by the best Ubrique artisans.

The Ultra Slim Wallet Jamaica is the thinnest 100% vegetable leather tanned wallet on the market. It allows you to store €50 bills and a large number of cards occupying a very little space. A slim and elegant wallet made to last over time thanks to the incredible evolution of the leather that makes it up. For its part, the Slim Wallet Costa Rica is a more mature model that offers some extra features that its little brother, the Jamaica model, does not incorporate. The Costa Rica wallet incorporates a small pocket in the bills area, designed to store coins or other small items.


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