Located at the foot of the spectacular Sierra de Grazalema, appearing amongst rocks and cork trees, one of the so-called white villages of the mountains of Cadiz: Ubrique. This small Spanish village is home to the quintessential leather manufacturers, producing the best leather in the world at the best artisanal factories.



For a long time, this small town held the standard for leather tanning on a national level. Over the years, tanneries were left as a minority, giving way to complete specialization in the manufacturing of leather products. Nowadays, even luxury brands produce their products in Ubrique. Given the tradition and the exquisite quality of the final touches by hand, the excellency of these factories isn’t something that just happens by chance.

But let’s not fool ourselves, in this, as in everything in life, there are different levels of quality and different categories. It’s important to note, artisanal manufacturing in Ubrique offers many guarantees. However, when what you are looking for is true excellence, you must look to only three or four of the dozens of them located in this locality. Café Leather Supply is fortunate to be able to work with one of these factories, and we feel very proud of this.

Leather Artisan Tools

Craftsmen like Juan, a native of Ubrique with more than 40 years of experience hand-making leather products, presumably belong to a select group of craftsmen, exclusive to the world, the artisans of Ubrique. Juan is clear: “Art isn’t something that can be learned, art is born and understood. For this trade isn’t just for anyone, but for those who truly love and understand the process of producing leather. Our town and the people who compose it have grown up surrounded by the leather industry. About 80% of our inhabitants work directly or indirectly in the world of leather. For our town, leather is not our job, leather is our life.”


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