Billfold Wallets

Leather billfold wallets are a classic element, basic in our daily life. For the creation of our classic billfold wallet, we got inspired by the American model, the first one and the most contrasted one since its appearance in 1690. Our leather billfold wallets are handcrafted with detail by our artisans in Ubrique, always using our characteristic premium leather, a 100% vegetable tanned leather from the north of Spain. Thanks to the characteristics of this very special leather, the billfold wallet will create a patina that will become more beautiful with the passage of time. The Agaete model also offers a small compartment for coins or other small objects.

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • Print “THE BEAST”


  • Print “HOT ROD”

  • Print “PEGASO”

  • Travel Wallet Tolima - ROASTED

  • Leather Cap Black Coffee Kahua

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - ROASTED

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - BERRY

  • Canvas Weekender Robusta - NAVY

  • Leather Key Chain Berry - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - ROASTED

  • Leather Key Case - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - GREENERY

  • Leather Key Case - BLACK COFFEE

  • Leather Dog Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Puppy Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Dog Leash - ROASTED

  • The Kinfolk Table

  • Drift Magazine #5

The history and evolution of the leather billfold wallets is a really beautiful story. At the beginning of cash money, coins were carried in small bags tied up with a little laze. With the development of the bills, the need to create an item able to carry them without the possibility to suffer any damage came up. The first leather billfold wallets appeared at the end of XVII century in the EEUU, specifically in Massachusetts. This new product became popular very fast thanks to its practicality. The natural evolution of the billfold wallet was changing due to the new needs that came up over time, credit cards, little coin pockets, compartments for business cards, etc.

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