The artisan manufacture of our leather wallets in Ubrique is one of the reasons for our brand pride. Café Leather was born with the aim of manufacturing authentic items made to last over time, not just to cover a passing fad. Our passion for well done things and our constant search for the authentic, makes us live immersed in a journey of continuous improvement. We are not perfect, but we work hard every day to achieve excellence. Therefore, each of the manufacturing processes of our leather goods such as wallets, billfolds, or cardholders; follows a meticulous development process that is completed when each of our products goes through the last quality control. All of our leather wallets are handcrafted following environmentally friendly processes, such as the vegetable tanning of the leather, that we use to make our products.

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • Print “THE BEAST”


  • Print “HOT ROD”

  • Print “PEGASO”

  • Travel Wallet Tolima - ROASTED

  • Leather Cap Black Coffee Kahua

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - ROASTED

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - BERRY

  • Canvas Weekender Robusta - NAVY

  • Leather Key Chain Berry - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - ROASTED

  • Leather Key Case - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - GREENERY

  • Leather Key Case - BLACK COFFEE

  • Leather Dog Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Puppy Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Dog Leash - ROASTED

  • The Kinfolk Table

  • Drift Magazine #5

The leather wallets of our brand, reflect the care of the hands of those who make them. Artisans from Ubrique who follow a centuries-old tradition inherited from their ancestors. They are in charge of giving shape to all our variety of wallets, always using premium 100% vegetable tanned leather from the north of Spain. The wide variety of models and colors show their quality through the incredible touch of the leather, its fascinating smell, and the exquisite finishes. In Ubrique there are numerous artisan factories, but only three or four of them all, are part of the select club of excellence. At Café Leather we are very proud to work in one of them.

  Our variety of wallets is adapted to the needs of our days; Each model represents each person, the choice depends on the tastes and the different needs of each one. The product offers a perfect balance between adaptability and personality. A personality that is accentuated with the time thanks to the beautiful patina that is generated on our leather, which continues improving with the passage of time, as good wines do. In this way, each leather item shows the personal and non-transferable seal of each owner. In Café we always say that we try to adapt the values ​​of authentic products to the needs of our days, that is our mantra and also the way we will continue doing it.

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