Leather Aprons

Our leather aprons are handcrafted in Spain with exceptional raw materials. The combination between our genuine British waxed cotton and our exquisite 100% Spanish vegetable tanned leather, make of this product a really special item. The leather aprons are made by our master artisans, who work every day wearing them throughout their working day. The quality and characteristics of these aprons make them perfect for any task that requires some exposure to external elements: manual activities, housework, barbecues, painting, etc. All aprons are made of waxed cotton from the UK.

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • Print “THE BEAST”


  • Print “HOT ROD”

  • Print “PEGASO”

  • Travel Wallet Tolima - ROASTED

  • Leather Cap Black Coffee Kahua

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - ROASTED

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - BERRY

  • Canvas Weekender Robusta - NAVY

  • Leather Key Chain Berry - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - ROASTED

  • Leather Key Case - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - GREENERY

  • Leather Key Case - BLACK COFFEE

  • Leather Dog Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Puppy Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Dog Leash - ROASTED

  • The Kinfolk Table

  • Drift Magazine #5

Necessity the mother of invention. In the XV century, the Scottish fishermen from the North Sea tried to find a waterproof material for their sails. These were heavy and inefficient, so it was necessary to find a material able to reduce their weight. Thanks to the linen bathed in fish oils and other animal fats, they began to waterproof these sails, greatly optimizing their performance. When any of these sails were broken by use, their pieces were used as layers to withstand strong winds and sea mist, keeping sailors warm and dry.

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