Leather Portfolio 13″ Colombia Berry


Cartera de cuero con correa de mano donde puede caber una computadora portátil de 13 “. El interior está acolchado y bien protegido contra daños. Viene con una sábana de algodón 100% y cremalleras YKK Excella®.

Hecho a mano en España

Especialidad de piel curtida vegetal.

Available colours

Cartera de cuero 13 “Colombia Berry

Como resultado del proceso de curtido vegetal y la artesanía , cada producto será único y puede mostrar pequeñas diferencias de color. Estas imperfecciones “aparentes” deben verse como una cualidad exclusiva de cada producto.

Materiales : cuero vegetal curtido vegetal / YKK cremalleras Excella® / 100% algodón / hilo Gütermann

Dimensiones : 36,5cm x 27cm x 3,5cm

Dimensions 36.5 x 27 cm
Materials Specialty Vegetable Tanned Leather / YKK Excella® zippers / 100% Cotton linen / Gütermann Thread

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Commonly known as the paradise of biodiversity, the country of contrast or the land of coffee, Colombia is clearly a country that makes an impact on everyone. It is well known that the coffee Colombia exports is one of the best in the world, but it also offers much more than that. It possesses a great variety of cultures and it is the world’s most diverse country in species of birds, with natural parks making up almost 12% of its territory. Enjoying the typical “bandeja paisa” of Antioquia, along with a cup of coffee from Tolima, is an impression that will forever last on your taste buds. Colombia is a country to be discovered.

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