At Café Leather Supply we base our philosophy on three pillars: the search for authenticity, a passion for the small details, and respect for things well made.

Café is our way of understanding life expressed through authentic products. Products made by the best artisan hands of Ubrique (Spain) and with the best raw materials on the market. One of our secrets lies in the use of the best 100% vegetable tanned leather. All our processes are environmentally friendly.

Be Authentic. Stay Curious.

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“Whitout craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind”


Johannes Brahms


The quality of the leather is extraordinary, thanks to its tanning process with vegetable tannins and other natural elements.
Gentleman Magazine
Premium leather goods with lifetime warranty.
Natural leather goods that are 100% Spanish.
Expansión (Main Spanish economic Journal)
They are equipped with the confidence from one of the best artisanal factories in Ubrique, the same factory that many major luxury brands trust.
Cinco Días (Economic Journal)
I’ve never felt leather like this, the more use it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. Without a doubt, the best portfolio I’ve ever had in my life.
Pedro A.P. (client)
I fell in love with the smell and touch of the leather, it’s addictive.
Arthur G. (client)
I gave my father a wallet for his birthday. He said it was the best gift I’ve ever given him, he’s happy and I’m even happier for being right.
Ana R.P.
El Hedonista

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