Getting to express the feelings experienced at the steering wheel of a vehicle, is an almost impossible task. Driving on a mountain road or taking a blind curve with a change of elevation are indescribable experiences. At Café we are among those who think that to feel you have to live, that is why our driving gloves are the perfect companion that complements the driving experience. For those who have used driving gloves while taking a few curves, these are a discovery they do not want to do without again. Our driving gloves are handcrafted in Spain by master artisans. Its exclusive design and the indescribable touch of premium lambskin, make them the delight of motor lovers.

  • Driving Gloves Set

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • Leather Gloves Rascal - CREAM

  • Leather Gloves Rascal - ROASTED

  • Deerskin Gloves Rascal - CREAM

  • T-Shirt “THE BEAST” - ECRU

  • T-Shirt “HOT ROD” - ECRU

  • T-Shirt “TAKE RISKS” - NAVY

  • T-Shirt “PEGASO” - ECRU

  • Print “THE BEAST”


  • Print “HOT ROD”

  • Print “PEGASO”

  • “PEGASO” Cap - NAVY




  • Leather Mousepad Uyuni - ROASTED

  • Travel Wallet Tolima - ROASTED

  • iPhone 7 / 8 Leather Case - BERRY

  • iPhone 7 / 8 Leather Case - GREENERY

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - ROASTED

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - BERRY

  • Canvas Weekender Robusta - NAVY

  • Leather Card Holder Panama - ROASTED

  • Leather Card Holder Panama - BERRY

  • Leather Key Chain Berry - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - ROASTED

  • Leather Key Case - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - GREENERY

  • Leather Key Case - BLACK COFFEE

  • Leather Dog Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Puppy Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Dog Leash - ROASTED

  • Leather Dog Leash - BLACK COFFEE

  • The Kinfolk Table

  • Drift Magazine #5

Adaptability, touch, and great resistance are some of the attributes that make our gloves the perfect element for any occasion. The perforated leather used in our Triton gloves helps the perspiration and improves adherence to your hands. For its part, the Rascal gloves, are our most rogue model. Their leather and the short wrist closure, make them perfect gloves for day to day. Hudson gloves offer great versatility thanks to the noble American deerskin ad its great adaptability.

Driving is a unique sensation, that’s why our driving gloves express a way of experiencing life on the road. Our driving gloves are inspired in classic races and adapted to our days. A perfect companion for everyday life or for enjoying driving on the weekends. Our Triton driving gloves, apart from its great functionality, are a perfect complement for an exquisitely authentic look. They are made for those who take care of every single small detail.

Be Authentic. Stay Curious.


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