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Our leather laptop cases are handcrafted by the best artisans hands in Spain. Ubrique, located in the spectacular Sierra de Grazalema, in Cádiz, is the place we chose years ago to produce our leather items. Leather laptop sleeves were designed thinking in the technological needs of our days, but nevertheless, their manufacture process is completely handmade, exactly the same as it was done more than 100 years ago. For its part, the leather we use to make the laptop cases is premium 100% vegetable tanned leather. A leather that thanks to its quality and the way we tanned it, acquires an extraordinary patina with the passage of time. Our laptop cases are a perfect element to protect the device with a simple but elegant accessory.

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  • Sweatshirt “Café”

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  • T-Shirt “Café”

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Our design team always tries to adapt the manufacture of our items, to our everyday needs. Therefore our laptop cases arise from a specific need. Today, we live attached to our devices: mobile phone, laptop, tablet ... The consolidation of these devices in our lives has transformed our work, our way of living and even our way of relating. Around these devices, accessories that support them have appeared, such as our leather laptop case. If we want to take care of these devices, it is important that we choose a suitable travel companion in order to help their protection.

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