Card Holders

The big things in life reside in the most simple of it. We are among those who found beauty in simplicity and those who believe that less is always more. For us, the useful is not about those who can do many things but those who do a few but very well done. We have designed our leather card holder thinking about our own daily needs. Thanks to the excellence crafting of our artisans in Ubrique and the use of the vegetable tanned leather from the north of Spain; our leather card holder becomes a 100% national product. Objects come and go, but just the authentic stay. For this reason, the artisan craftsmanship and the premium raw materials are intrinsic factors in the philosophy and soul of our brand.

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • Sweatshirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • T-Shirt “Café”

  • Print “THE BEAST”


  • Print “HOT ROD”

  • Print “PEGASO”

  • Travel Wallet Tolima - ROASTED

  • Leather Cap Black Coffee Kahua

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - ROASTED

  • Leather Zip Wallet Osaka - BERRY

  • Canvas Weekender Robusta - NAVY

  • Leather Key Chain Berry - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - ROASTED

  • Leather Key Case - BERRY

  • Leather Key Case - GREENERY

  • Leather Key Case - BLACK COFFEE

  • Leather Dog Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Puppy Collar - ROASTED

  • Leather Dog Leash - ROASTED

  • The Kinfolk Table

  • Drift Magazine #5

For that, our leather card holders have become an essential complement for many. A key product for those who like to simplify and carry just what the necessary with them. The card holders are handmade in Ubrique by the best and most recognized artisans in the field. They allow you to store cards and bills very easily. The sum of our passion for things done with excellence and our constant search for authenticity led us to the creation of a versatile and durable product.

Being made with the best 100% vegetable tanned Spanish leather, the improve with the pass of time. They come in two formats: Panamá, with three compartments, and Panamá+, with five compartments.

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