• Gifts for Father’s Day

    #FathersDay Leather Gifts for Father’s Day by Café Leather If we stop to think a second about the essential characteristics of fathers, we could even go so far as to affirm that these are artisans. Fathers are part of the development of the personality and way of being of their own children. They bring human quality …

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  • Artisans from Cafe Leather

    Ubrique, The Leather Town

    UbriqueThe cradle of artisanal leather Spain is the result of numberless cultures interlaced. A rich land within an immense variety of activities. Their villages, their towns, have distilled what they are today over centuries. Defining each city with a single word is almost impossible, although simplifying a lot, we could associate a single word with …

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  • Café Work Stories by Javier S.Medina

    Javier Sánchez Medina is an artisan of the moment. His dedication and skill drew attention right from the start. Born in Extremadura, he has made Madrid his adopted home. At one point he almost became a firefighter, and today he still can’t explain what changed his mind to become an artisan. But he’s sure he doesn’t regret the decision. Javier loves being an artisan and loves his profession.

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  • Las mejores cafeterías de España, Molienda

    The Best Coffee Shops in Spain

    Coffee has been consumed around the world for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until recently that it experienced an unprecedented boom. The coffee culture that we are immersed in today has emerged thanks to the various actors and different circumstances, depending on the place we are talking about. In Australia, for example, the lack …

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  • Lince&Lobo

    Lince y Lobo Shop

    Lince & Lobo is a small shop located on Gabriel Lobo street in Madrid, which despite being less than a year old, is already a place to keep in mind for admirers of male brands with great history. This curious establishment is one of the hidden gems of men’s fashion in the capital and for …

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  • Vanesa - Rughara

    Rughara, the Malasaña´s concept store

    If asked how we would define Rughara, we would never be able to give just one answer. Each of the many times we’ve visited this concept store in Madrid’s neighborhood of Malasaña, we leave with the feeling of having traveled to a different place that we once knew. There are times when we believe we …

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  • Pelayo y Pia

    An inside look at Fulham Shop Madrid

    Madrid is a city that offers excellent fashion for men. The city offers countless single-brand and multi-brand stores for all tastes and styles, but the truth is that there are plenty of shops that offer a great variety of products for those with a refined taste. That is why Fulham Shop, a men’s shop in …

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  • Tom Black, The Gentleman Community in Spain

    To speak of  Tom Black, is to speak of a true gentleman. For some, Tom Black is a 21st century tailor’s shop, however it has managed to become much more than that. At first, the Madrid native brand won the market over with its tailor made suits, being offered at competitive prices. However, the truth …

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  • The Allpress Story, much more than an espresso

    Coffee is a complex beverage, but to keep it simple Allpress focus their attention on great tasting espresso. The distinctive Allpress brand, the cup and its associated colours are recognized worldwide. When you see it you can be sure of one thing – the flavour in the cup is of the highest quality. From the very first …

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  • tratamiento de la piel

    Genaro, The leather tanner

    Genaro, better known as “The leather tanner” or “El curtidor artesano”, is the first protagonist from our Natural Curiosity Blog. He has been tanning leather by hand since chillhood in Sta. Maria del Páramo, small village in Leon (Spain). The tannery, since 1887, inherited from father to son in five different generations. Genaro learned how …

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