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Gifts for Father’s Day

#FathersDay Leather Gifts for Father’s Day by Café Leather If we stop to think a second about the essential characteristics of fathers, we could even go

Artisans from Cafe Leather

Ubrique, The Leather Town

UbriqueThe cradle of artisanal leather Spain is the result of numberless cultures interlaced. A rich land within an immense variety of activities. Their villages, their

Café Work Stories by Javier S.Medina

Javier Sánchez Medina is an artisan of the moment. His dedication and skill drew attention right from the start. Born in Extremadura, he has made Madrid his adopted home. At one point he almost became a firefighter, and today he still can’t explain what changed his mind to become an artisan. But he’s sure he doesn’t regret the decision. Javier loves being an artisan and loves his profession.

Las mejores cafeterías de España, Molienda

The Best Coffee Shops in Spain

Coffee has been consumed around the world for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until recently that it experienced an unprecedented boom. The coffee culture


Lince y Lobo Shop

Lince & Lobo is a small shop located on Gabriel Lobo street in Madrid, which despite being less than a year old, is already a

Pelayo y Pia

An inside look at Fulham Shop Madrid

Madrid is a city that offers excellent fashion for men. The city offers countless single-brand and multi-brand stores for all tastes and styles, but the

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