Travel Bags

In Café we like to look for any excuse to fill our travel bag and make a getaway. A gastronomic weekend in the north of Spain, an express visit to a European capital in good company or a route through the mountains enjoying nature. Any pretext is good to prepare the backpacks and enjoy a few days off. Our backpack and our travel bags are designed and handmade in Spain by master artisans from Ubrique. Its design is focused on offering the greatest flexibility and versatility for this kind of trips. For its manufacture, we use excellent quality raw materials such as our 100% vegetable tanned leather or our waxed cotton from the United Kingdom. We manufacture our travel bags with love so that they last in time. Things come and go but in the end, only the authentic stays.

Backpacks are an essential complement for those passionate about travel. The most notable evolution in the history of travel bags occurred in the late XIX and early XX centuries. Long before, items began to appear in order to help the transport of clothing. In Roman times, the nomadic need of the moment led to the creation and use of trunks, the step prior to the birth of the suitcases. In the XVII century appeared the first attempt of trunk accompanied by wheels, it ended un being a failed attempt that did not culminate until several centuries later. In the 70s of the XX century, the first “trolley” type travel suitcase appeared, it was the first rolling suitcase. This suitcase format spread rapidly throughout the world and became common in all international airports.


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