About Café

Authentic (en)

From lat. authentĭcus, and this from gr. αὐθεντικός authentikós.

1. Made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original.

2. representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified.

Our way of seeing life

Our products are handmade by Spain’s best artisans, from the town of Ubrique, where they use premium Spanish leather and 100% vegetable tanning. Our work is defined by a single idea: we do what we feel and we feel what we do. Our brand was created by extremely curious people fixated on delighting exquisitely authentic customers.


We don’t believe in pretty products with scheduled obsolescence. We are passionate about anything likely to be passed down.

Made to last.

We only understand the ephemeral as it relates to short-term pleasure: a flawless meal, a theatrical production or sitting down with a good book.

Slow mood.

We adore authenticity and the concept of slow cooking, which is why we love each and every one of Café’s specialty processes. They are artisanal and respectful from start to finish, just like us.


We are amphibious pleasure-seekers. We love not knowing, as it gives us the opportunity to learn. The sound of an engine always leaves us astounded. We follow trends, but love the classics. Growing tired of Northern sunsets was always on our to-do list. We are amused by anything that rolls. We like simplicity when combined with complexity. We are city mice who prefer the country. 

We observe before we ask questions. If there is good food on the table, the tablecloth underneath matters less. We forever pray for kind seas. We were never very good at what didn’t interest us. We are what we are, we are Cafeliers.

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