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The attention to small details, raw material’s quality, respect for nature and a taste for things well done are some of the values that represent us.

We are passionate about specialty coffee and identify with each of its processes. From the careful manual collection until coffee gets into the cup along with the best baristas.

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El curtidor artesano Arte, tradición y calidad

A reflection of our values and our way of doing things is the continuous research and use of the finest possible raw materials, always with suppliers that respects the planet we love.

Of course, finest raw materials need to be treated by the best artisans hands and thats why we produce in Ubrique (Spain), the leather craft town par excellence in the world.

Most known luxury leather brands and luxury car interiors such as…(lets leave it here), craft their goods in the same manufacturer as we do, with more than 100 years of experience in the leather world.

We do love traveling. Every place you visit you can learn some connecting with different cultures. In the same way that tasting the delicacies that each country offers. This is what moves us. Furthermore music is something we can not live without. Good music. You will notice.

Bike tour around Melbourne; getting our Café Racer for a weekend catching waves and eating pintxos in San Sebastian; or taking photos as we stroll through Berlin…sounds good for us.

We are natural, we are curious, we are “cafeliers”.

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